About Us

Hi, I’m Carlos Garcia and I welcome you to my Excel website where you will find tips, guides and tutorials that will increase your knowledge of the tool and help you become an advanced user of Excel.


My beginnings with Excel

The first time I opened Excel was somewhat intimidating, although now that I remember it, it was barely version 5 of Excel which lacked many of the features we know today but still looked imposing.

The fact of being able to use formulas to make calculations and to be able to create such colourful graphics captivated my attention completely and from that moment I started an adventure of exploration and learning that would not stop any longer. With the passage of time I discovered more and more about Excel.


Excel everywhere

For several years I have been a consultant in the IT industry and I have been able to witness that from the smallest companies, and even in the large corporations, you will always find a computer with Excel installed. Some use this tool to create financial reports, others to transform and debug data and some more to create dashboards for the executive committee of a large company.

So with so many Excel appearances on my way, either at a friend’s house or even in the cubicles of the furthest office, I convinced myself that I wanted to start a website to collaborate with the learning of this fabulous tool.


The start of Excel Total

That is how, starting in January 2011, Excel Total started, which is a website where I can share with you the things I have learned from Excel and where I can teach others how to make efficient use of the tool.